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Indoor Spring Maintenance Tips

Now is a great time to maintain the interior of your Home! Here are a few tips on spring maintenance to keep your home in excellent condition.

1. Replace the batteries in smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors.

Detectors should be tested monthly and replaced every 10 years.

2. Replace your furnace filter.

Furnace filters should be changed, at a minimum every 3 months.

3. Test kitchen and Bathroom exhaust fans.

Hold a piece of tissue paper up to the fan and let go. If the fan holds the tissue paper in place, your fan is working properly.

4. Deep clean your kitchen space.

Clean/Degrease your exhaust fan and filter, and vacuum refrigerator coils.

5. Check fire extinguishers for damage.

Check the pressure needle, look for cracks in the hose.

6. Check the attic.

Look for instances of roof leaks, wind displaced insulation, mold, moisture or fire hazards, and animals.

7. Switch the ceiling fan direction.

When the fan spins counterclockwise, The cooling wind chill effect on your skin makes a room feel up to 8 degrees cooler.

8. Schedule your maintenance checks.

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Dryer Exhaust Ducts

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